Artwork Upload

Please follow the instructions below to send us your print-ready graphic files quickly and securely via our FTP File Form

  • Submit only what needs to be printed.
  • Files under 5 MB may be emailed to:
  • COMPRESS FILES to speed up the transfer.
  • Maximum FTP File Upload size is 300 MB per upload.
  • If your file exceeds 300 MB limit, please Contact Us to coordinate mailing your file.
  • Include any comments and requested PMS Color Matches in the "Optional Message" field.
  • When your upload is complete you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Once we receive your files, our preflight department will review it for printing requirements. If there any issues we will let you know.
  • If corrections are required, you may resubmit new files or choose to have us make minor corrections (if we are able to do so). Additional costs may be incurred if major - corrections are required.
  • After the file has been proofed for printing we will send an E-Proof (electronic proof) for your approval.
  • Only printed proofs can provide accurate color proofing. Click here to learn about our Graphic Proof Options.

Important FTP Uploading Notes

  • DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER WINDOW until the upload is complete.
  • If you experience issues with the upload form please share your files via Dropbox.

FTP Graphic Template Upload

Send us your print-ready graphic files quickly and securely via our FTP Artwork Upload Tool.


  • Artwork may be uploaded before or after you place your order.
  • To insure that your files are print-ready please review all instructions in our Artwork Guidelines.
  • Files that are not print-ready will be rejected.