Artwork Guidelines

Acceptable File Formats
We support both Mac and PC files created in current Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software.

  • WE CANNOT PRINT from InDesign PDFs (InDesign PDFs must be flattened or rasterized)
  • Please do not provide Microsoft Office and Corel Draw file formats

File Size / DPI
Artwork should be built at 100 to 150 DPI (max), full-size / proportionally scaled (i.e.: 200 DPI at 50%; or 400 DPI at 25% of final output size).

  • Do not submit files at greater DPI than requested — higher DPI does not result in better

Color Specifications
All files are printed as CMYK builds.

  • Please include a PDF, JPEG or hard copy of your final layout to help confirm the composition of the file
  • If any fonts are linked incorrectly or missing or images shift, our preflight department will have an accurate map to reference

Embedded Images
DO NOT EMBED images within your design.

  • Files should be layered and include a separate file or "support file" for every placed image
  • Embedded files cannot be checked for quality or adjusted for color and may act unpredictably when ripped at output
  • Whenever possible use vector-based formats for logos and other illustrated images (non-photograph or raster images) in your artwork

Font Specifications
All fonts MUST BE converted to OUTLINES.

  • If fonts are not converted to outlines, please provide Macintosh or TruType fonts (.ttf)
  • If changes need to be made in the file, please provide the fonts and a version of the file with editable type

Multiple Panels / Bleeds

  • Multi-panel mural designs must be built as one image
  • Please note where panel brakes are located and try to avoid type that crosses over the panel brakes
  • All graphics require specific bleeds and these are specified in each product template
  • Multi-panel graphics require a ½" bleed on the outside perimeter
  • If the template doesn’t call out a bleed requirement please provide a minimum 2" bleed on all sides

Graphic Templates

  • Graphic templates can be found within the Graphic Template section on each product page

Graphic Proofs / PMS Color Matching

  • E-proofs (electronic emailed PDFs) are provided at no charge for reviewing layout and content.
  • E-proofs are not color correct and should not be used for confirmation of final quality

PMS Color Matches

  • Please include any PMS color matches in your quote request, artwork file, purchase order; or via email
  • Specified PMS color matches will be matched to the best possible interpretation for the specific output device
  • Catalogs, printed proofs, etc. can also be used for color matching
  • PMS color(s) will be matched to PMS Solid Coated colors - unless otherwise specified

Color Matching Previous Prints

  • If color needs to be consistent with a previous order please include this information in your quote request, artwork file, purchase order; or via email
  • You may be required to send a sample for matching purposes.

Graphic Proof Options

  • If specific color matching is critical, we strongly recommend ordering a printed proof prior to printing
  • Although ordering printed proofs adds cost and production time, it is the ONLY WAY to ensure that color output will meet your satisfaction
  • If you would like to order a printed proof, please add it to your quote request, artwork file, purchase order; or via email (price includes overnight shipping)

Submitting Your Files

  • There are three ways to upload your print-ready files
  • Please refer to our Artwork Upload page for additional information