Types of Portable Trade Show Displays

A well organized trade show booth allows you to double or triple your leads quite significantly. The bottom line is that people value professionalism. If your booth is state of the art when it comes to graphics, lighting and structure, it will attract attention. There is little wonder that there is such a large range of portable displays available for trade show booths, starting from basic banner stands to modular hybrid displays.

The various types of portable trade show displays and their applications are listed below.

Retractable banner stands –These displays are light weight and easy to install and come with their own carry bag. Basically it consists of an aluminum extruded stand with a retractable banner, very similar in operation to an “upside-down” window shade screen and the aid of a telescoping pole to hold the banner up. The banner is digitally printed on vinyl or some other fabric type. If your display consists of several banner stands along the back wall, it would suffix to have lights on each banner stand to enhance your graphic message. You can also use one or more literature racks along the sides to hold your brochures and pamphlets.

Table top displays – These displays are quite popular in most trade shows because they allow the exhibitor to have a table surface where to place their literature and giveaways as well as the display. Depending on your requirements, they are available in a variety of pop-up and fabric covered multi-fold panel systems.

Pop-up displays –These popular displays come straight or curved which gives them an appealing look and they are available covered in fabric ready to accept individual Velcro mounted graphic panels or can be covered in full mural graphics providing a seamless professional look. Most pop-up displays have spot lights attached to them to highlight the graphics. Pop-ups come in several modular lengths which allows for future expansion in booth size.

Multi-fold panel displays – For those who want a look different from the common pop-up, a multi-fold panel display is the answer. These displays are covered in fabric which allows the use of custom sized Velcro attached graphics. Because of their modular construction they can also be used as table top displays.

Literature racks – You can minimize your table or counter space by utilizing a literature rack to hold your brochures, pamphlets, or flyers or any other type of collateral. The pockets are cascaded or angled to allow for better space density. The best part about a literature rack is that they are available in 4-8 pockets and many of them can keep the literature in place when collapsed and stored in its shipping case.

Graphic backwall displays –For great impact you can use a full color graphic as a backwall in your booth. A seamless graphic is a perfect backdrop to your table display, banner stand or literature rack. They are available in modular as well as single piece displays with adjustable telescoping poles. Accent lighting provides a look that is very appealing.

Modular hybrid displays – Currently it is quite the norm to have a modular hybrid display made up of aluminum extrusions with tension fabric graphics and pop-up or modular components, banner stands and literature racks – all in one. The modular hybrid displays can be erected on any in-line booth or island with convenience. They come with backlit graphics, accent lighting and flat screen monitors.

Depending on the size of the trade show and your specific requirements you can mix and match the various types of displays to give your booth a professional and attractive look.