Creating the Right Image with Trade Show Booths


You know the saying: image is everything. The hard truth of trade show marketing is that if trade show booths don’t quickly create a positive and compelling image, attendees will just keep walking by.  

Whether your business uses 10 x 10 trade show booths, smaller table top displays or something in between, below are some tips for creating the right image and drawing people in.

Decide what image you want to convey.

You want to look like a professional business, of course, but there are many ways to accomplish that. If you want to give a sense of tradition, consider trade show booths with straight lines and a classic look. If your branding is more modern, trendy or playful, choose a curved display. Or, opt for a modular display like Lite Displays or MultiQuad Displays that can be used to easily create multiple configurations and dramatic looks. 

Use an eye-catching but uncluttered graphic image.

Attention-grabbing, clear graphics will quickly create a favorable impression. Choose one key message that quickly tells someone walking by who you are and how you can help them. The key is to give people enough information to draw them into the exhibit, and then use your literature, videos, and of course your sales skills to give them more information. 

Use a few powerful images and an easy-to-read font to convey your message quickly. It’s also important to work with a professional designer or exhibit company that offers graphic design services to ensure that your graphics are formatted for the best results. 

Be consistent.

When it comes to trade show booths, your colors, fonts, logo, tagline and messaging should be consistent across all elements, from your graphics to your marketing materials and any promotional items or giveaways. 

Create an inviting space.

Make sure your display looks uncluttered and inviting, and avoid blocking the entrance with tables and furniture. Use strategically placed lighting to create a warm mood and draw attention to key graphics and products. And if you’re using table top displays, consider investing in a custom-printed table throw to provide a finished look while giving you additional space to display your logo or marketing message. 

Also, no matter what type of display stand you’re using, be sure to keep extra literature and other items stored out of sight. Accessories like workstations and monitor stands will keep your space organized and uncluttered. 

Use comfortable and attractive flooring.

Carpet padding can create a luxurious feel attendees will appreciate as soon as they step into your exhibit space. There are also now many different types of trade show flooring options available to compliment your design, from a hardwood-look to real hardwood, raised flooring, colorful interlocking tiles, custom-printed options and more. 

Be welcoming.

Finally, don’t forget to smile! A friendly face can go a long way in creating a positive impression.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression — and at a trade show, you have to make that impression in a matter of seconds. These tips will help you maximize those few seconds and pull people into your booth to learn more.