ExpoTrade Exhibits Artwork Guidelines


Acceptable File Formats

  • We support both Mac and PC-based files created in current Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software. 

  • WE CANNOT PRINT from InDesign PDFs (InDesign PDFs must be flattened or rasterized). 

  • Please Do Not Provide Files in the Following Formats: Microsoft Office products and Corel Draw.

File Size / DPI

  • Artwork should be built at 100-120 dpi at full size or proportionally scaled (i.e.: 200 dpi at 50% or 400 dpi at 25% of final output size). Do not submit files at greater dpi than requested — higher dpi does not result in better output.

Color Specifications

  • All files are printed as CMYK builds.

  • Please include a PDF, JPG or hard copy of your final layout to help confirm the composition of the file. If any fonts are linked incorrectly or missing or images shift, our preflight department will have an accurate map to reference.

Embedded Images

  • DO NOT EMBED images within your design. Files should be layered and include a separate file or "support file" for every placed image. Embedded files cannot be checked for quality or adjusted for color and may act unpredictably when ripped at output.

  • Whenever possible use vector-based formats for logos and other illustrated (non-photographs, or raster) images in your artwork.


  • All fonts MUST be converted to outlines. If fonts are not converted to outlines, please provide Macintosh or TruType fonts.

Multiple Panels / Bleeds

  • Multi-panel mural designs must be built as one image. Please note where panel brakes are located and try to avoid type that crosses over the panel brakes.

  • All graphics require specific bleeds and these are specified in each product template. Multi-panel graphics require a ½" bleed on the outside perimeter. If the template doesn’t call out a bleed requirement please provide a minimum 2" bleed on all sides.


  • Graphic templates can be found under the Artwork / Templates tab in each product page.

E-Proofs / PMS Color Matching / Graphic Proofs

  • E-proofs (electronic proofs) are provided at no charge for reviewing layout and content. E-proofs are not color correct and should not be used for confirmation of final quality.

  • PMS Color Matches: Please include any PMS color matches in the artwork file, purchase order or via email. Specified PMS color matches will be matched to the best possible interpretation for the specific output device. Catalogs, printed proofs, etc. can also be used for color matching.

  • Unless otherwise specified, PMS color(s) will be matched to PMS Solid Coated colors.

  • Color Matching Previous Prints: If color needs to be consistent with a previous order please include this information in the artwork file, purchase order or via email. You may be required to send a sample for matching purposes.

  • Graphic Proof Options: If specific color matching is critical, we strongly recommend ordering a printed proof prior to printing. Although ordering printed proofs adds cost and production time, it is the ONLY WAY to ensure that color output will meet your satisfaction.

  • If you would like to order a printed proof, please add it to your shopping cart as you complete your order. Price includes overnight shipping.

Submitting Your Files

  • There are three ways to upload your print-ready files. Please go to Upload Your Artwork for additional information.

Questions? Call 843.813.4742 or email graphics@expotradeexhibits.com