Economical Ways to Make Trade Show Displays Stand Out

Trade show displays are an important part of the marketing budget at many companies, and with good reason. Trade shows can be a significant opportunity to reach many potential customers in one place. 

Fortunately, making an impression on the show floor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Below are some cost-effective and economical ideas for making trade show booths stand out from the crowd. 

Keep it Simple

Put yourself in attendees’ shoes: they’re walking into a giant room full of trade show displays and marketing messages, all competing for their attention. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you can attract more notice with a simple, uncluttered display space. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose one key message and use clear, clean graphics to covey it. Bonus tip: If you need different messaging for different shows, look at trade show displays with interchangeable graphics or components, such as Sacagawea Portable Hybrids, Xpressions ConneX, and MultiQuad.
  • Don’t try to show every product. Unless your product line consists of just a few items, focus on showcasing your best-selling and new products. Have catalogs or flyers on hand for clients who want to learn more about your full product line. Bonus tip: Put your marketing materials on a USB flash drive with your logo on it — it is smaller for customers to carry home, and they will reuse it for years.

Maximize Your Trade Show Booth Space

Your exhibit space isn’t limited to just the display itself. Trade show booths can be maximized by adding a logo or marketing message (or both) to:

  • Hanging signs – Well-designed hanging signs grab attention from aisles away! There are many sizes and styles to choose from, including rotating and backlit options.
  • Table covers – If you’re using a table in your display space, consider an attractive table cover. This provides a finished look and gives you an additional place to promote your message, whether you use a one- or two-color imprint of your logo or opt for full-color dye-sublimated graphics.
  • Flooring – Good trade show flooring adds comfort and style to your booth, and you can even have carpet customized with an inlay of your logo. 

Appeal to the Senses

Trade shows involve long days, and many attendees end up tired, hungry, and a bit overwhelmed. Up your booth’s appeal with:

  • Lighting – Strategically placed lighting can make your display more inviting and highlight key products or messages. An experienced trade show display company can help you choose the right lighting.
  • Freshly baked cookies or warm popcorn – Many companies hand out candy or food, but the scent of baking cookies or popping popcorn will travel across the aisles. You can rent small ovens and popcorn machines and bring your own cookie dough or popcorn. Bonus tip: Hand out your goodies in bags or boxes with your logo and booth number. Other attendees will see people walking around with your food and come by to get a snack of their own!
  • Comfortable furniture – A few well-placed chairs or small sofas can create a welcoming space for tired visitors to rest and talk with you.
  • Plants or flowers – Get a bouquet of freshly cut flowers at a nearby florist or grocery store, or opt for a potted plant to add some greenery and life to your exhibit.

With a little thought and planning, you can stand out from the tradeshow crowd without adding a lot to your exhibit budget.